Ramadan Food Distribution in Pakistan 2024

Ramadan Food Distribution in Pakistan

Together We Can – FEED THE UMMAH
Ramadhan food distribution in Pakistan

This year Anytime Give will be providing Ramadhan food packs to those in need.
Ramadhan is an exceptionally challenging time for those facing hardships. These food packs will relieve some of the difficulties they suffer. We will aim to prioritise orphans, widows and those most in need.

The Ramadhan food packs cost only £35, which will feed a family throughout this blessed month, In’sha’Allah.

This project is eligible for Zakat and Sadaqah, please specify which type of donation you are making.

Anytime Give Ramadhan Food Packs consist of:

Flour 10kg
Sugar 5kg
Cooking Oil 2ltr
Ghee 1kg
Chick peas 1kg
Gram Flour 1kg
Lentils 1kg
Salt 2 packs
Cumin 100g
Coriander 100g
Turmeric 225g
Red Chilli 225g
Sharbat 1 ltr
Dates 1kg
Rice 5kg
Chana daal 1kg
Garama masala 100g
Honey 225g
Potatoes 5kg
Tea 200g

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