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Who are we?

As a newly established charitable organization in the UK, our mission is to enhance the lives of impoverished individuals and families. Our team consists of experienced members who have dedicated years of their lives working in the sector, and are passionate about making a positive impact within communities. We are driven by our desire to improve the quality of life for those in need, and are committed to achieving this goal through innovative solutions and community-driven initiatives.

Our core principles are CAARE:


AnyTimeGive works with an inclusive approach to all people regardless of their faith, race, ethnicity, age and ability. Our areas of expertise include:

Medical care
Safer Water (WASH)
Food and Nutrition

Our Vision:
To see that deprived communities around the world have all their needs addressed and that they have access to all the things a good prosperous community may have.

Our Mission:
To immediately address extreme poverty and illness, by providing education support and resources, healthcare and medical aid, community infrastructure building, food aid, sustainable WATSAN projects, and to be able to provide all of the above in the case of emergencies as well as long term sustainable capacity building for countries we work in.

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    1st Floor, West Gate House, The High, Harlow, CM20 1YS

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